The one text from my boyfriend that made my heart melt

Early Monday morning, I was laying in bed willing myself to get up. The prospect of starting another week was daunting and I wasn’t feeling particularly excited about the day.

Bosch leaves for work two whole hours before I do, so I have a lot of time to sleep in or write or just lay there and miss his presence in our bed.

As I scrolled through Pinterest, my phone buzzed and I was excited to see it was him. He doesn’t usually text me this early in the morning, so when he does, it’s usually going to be a funny link or video he saw while doing his own scrolling.

I opened my Messages and saw this text:

My heart melted. This was my response:


It’s hard for me to explain exactly why this text made me swoon as hard as it did. It’s so simple and unromantic. It’s even a little bossy, which doesn’t usually throw me into a romance frenzy. But it’s so perfectly Bosch and a precious reminder of why I love him.

Some background: Today at 1pm is the solar eclipse. I’ve seen headlines warning pet owners to keep their pets inside so they don’t look at the eclipse and burn their eyes.

Some more background: Bosch LOVES our cats. I’ve never seen him react to anything the way he reacts to our cats. They’re his babies and he would do anything for them. He has a special soft spot for our little cat, Amelia, the Siamese he brought home when a coworker rescued her. I often find him holding her in his arms, playing video games with her in his lap, and even playing fetch with her.

The fact that he saw the same warning that I did about animals and eclipses, thought about our own cats, who are indoor cats that sleep all day long and thus at a very low risk of retinal damage, and then felt the obligation to text me to keep them safe showed me once again how caring and thoughtful my boyfriend is.

It was such a great reminder to pay attention to the little things about your partner that you love so much. Bosch isn’t one for huge romantic gestures, displays of affection, or talking about his feelings much at all. That’s how he works and that’s wonderful, so it’s up to me to dig deep and find the ways he’s showing he cares about me and our furry little family. It’s in the way he feeds them and scoops their litter box every evening without complaint. It’s in the way he details my car when he drives it one Saturday or when he brings me home chocolate from an after-work Target trip. These things are far and in between — a good thing or else I might get spoiled — but they put a smile on my face every time. And in my opinion, that’s exactly what our partner should be doing: Putting a smile on our face as often as possible.

What are some of the little things your partner does to show you he or she cares? What are the quirks (like being obsessed with a tiny cat) that still make your heart melt every time? Let’s have a conversation in the comments!

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