Your Holiday Relationship Survival Kit 2017

Ask Kirsten: How to survive the holidays as a couple?

There’s a reason that the holidays get a bad rap. Sky-high expectations for the holiday experience coupled with family demands and dynamics often equal a big ol’ disaster.

Thoughtful holiday gifts for the ones you love

If you feel like this is a year for more simple, thoughtful gifts, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Why my family is doing a Secret Santa this year

I won’t lie. Getting a lot of gifts is fun, but giving them can be stressful, and I think most people can agree.

Avoid Holiday Stress: All the best tips from around the internet

I took to Pinterest to see what the smart people of the internet have to say about avoiding holiday stress. I present to you a round-up of the best advice I could find on the matter so that you can have the best holiday yet.